EP1 Out Now!

Hey ya'll, it's with great pride we announce the release of our debut 6-song EP! We had released the first three tracks and have kind of been sitting on the final three - but we finally had enough and said "to hell with it" and now they're out in the ether. The new tracks are divergent from the first three in that they're a bit more upbeat and more vocally dynamic. When we first set out to record for this project we really had no idea where it would take us. These 6 songs embody a number of different sounds and styles and we've learned more about where we want to take our music. To that end we've also re-entered the studio and are working on new material! The plan will be to release songs as they are finished and then we might consider bundling a few into an EP or Album collection. Finally, we're going to start seeking additional live players to put together a live act. All in all very excited with our progress and can't wait to share more art with you all!

-Scott & Mike